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Individual Operations Management Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Singular Operations Management Report - Essay Example In the wake of leading an examination utilizing Statistical procedure control apparatuses, the organization found that there forms are crazy and they are not fulfilling the quality guidelines. Chapter by chapter guide Introduction and Problem Description: 3 Methodology: 3 Results: 4 Types of Data: 4 3 Sigma control for the procedures: 4 Discussion and proposals: 7 Conclusion: 8 Bibliography: 9 Appendix: 10 Introduction and Problem Description: RTP Industries is one of the most eminent makers of steel and aluminum items. The organization holds its stride in the significant nations of the world and works all inclusive. Because of firm rivalry in the ongoing years from Chinese and Indian producers, the organization has lost a huge bit of its piece of the pie. To restore itself, the organization is underlining on innovative work program so as to improve new items. Quality has remained the top need from that point forward as the organization expects that through quality affirmation and co ntrol it can again support its deals. Complete Quality administration has been at the core of company’s vision and it has been acquainting apparatuses and methods with keep up the nature of its items. One of the apparatuses it has as of late sent is Statistical Process Control for estimating the presentation of the assembling procedure and to let distinguish it there are any shortcomings all the while. As of late, the organization has gotten a great deal of grumblings with respect to the pressure driven items. It was accepted that the errors in the size and surface nature of the steel poles are causing spillages in water driven items. Philosophy: In request to satisfy the necessary guidelines and improve its quality, the quality administrator has intended to run a Statistical Process Control Analysis. A Statistical procedure control includes an arbitrary examining of the yield of the procedure which decides if the procedure is satisfying the quality guidelines or not. For the above reason, the quality chief has haphazardly gathered information on tests of three steel bars day by day. The quality chief gathered two kinds of information The distance across of the chose steel poles was estimated and recorded in centimeters over a multi day duration. The quantity of surface mistakes in the chose steel poles was determined and recorded over a multi day time frame. Results: Types of Data: There are two unique sorts of information given to us in this situation. The primary information is worried about the breadths of the chose steel poles. As we realize that distance across is a persistent factors and it can take any esteem in this manner we will utilize a x graph as a Statistical procedure control diagram to screen the procedure. The second arrangement of information contains data about the quantity of surface blunders in the chose steel poles. The second sort of information has utilized inspecting through traits measure for the assortment reason. Since it co ntains data about whether there are surface blunders in the steel bar in this manner it is estimating the properties of the steel poles. We will utilize a c diagram as a Statistical Process Control instrument for checking this procedure since there are more than one surface mistakes in some steel poles so we will tally number of blunders per steel pole. 3 Sigma control for the procedures: Size of measurements of poles: For the main example of information with respect to the distance across of the

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Mr. Yang Free Essays

Presentation as of late, the opposition between minimal effort aircrafts/no nonsense carriers and inheritance carriers has excite a warmth banter, particularly In North America. In spite of the fact that aircraft Industries Including assorted errands, choosing the cost of plane ticket may be the most noteworthy part In showcasing. This task endeavors to examination the diverse evaluating methodologies that Airline organizations make to upgrade seriousness in North America. We will compose a custom paper test on Mr. Yang or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now In addition, these correlations will be upheld by instances of minimal effort aircraft (Southwest Airline) and heritage carrier (American Airlines). Right off the bat, cussing the activity, which is called ease bearer. Furthermore, investigation their methodology in characterizing cost. Last parts are an advancement with these focuses and a proof of the fruitful encounters in the carrier business. Key point 1 â€Å"Pricing† is a valuable system for Airline Companies to expand their benefit. It is generally accepted that Airline Industry has become extreme on the grounds that there are more than 200 carriers organizations endeavor diminishing cost of plane tickets. Confronting the extreme rivalry, Low Price may be the strategy utilized via carriers. What's more, â€Å"Fixed cost†, the fundamental costs o malting an organization, Is different challenges In customary aircraft organizations for covering monetary circumstance because of issue of Inflation. The two difficulties danger aircrafts as of late, subsequently some customary aircrafts move to Low-Cost transporter (LLC) to streamline unit costs. Besides, the expense in Human Resource (HRS)/cost of representatives possibly ascend to the most costly part in fixed expenses, anyway the disadvantages generally are disregarded by customary carriers (Laurie H. 006. POP 5). At the end of the day, LLC is an origination that reacts the lower cost to bring down cost. Southwest aircraft, one of the LLC Airline Company, has become a popular case learned by Ryan Air, Easy Jet and other Low-Cost Carrier, since Southwest carrier diminished not just the expense in their human asset division yet in addition In numerous methodologies Including cost of amusement, freight, dinner and extra assistance (Hall, A. 2007 Completed In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of MM 5210 up). Despite what might be expected, despite the fact that lower estimating cost appears rationale, there are contentions guaranteed by masters: Ryan Gannett (2012) questioned that there is an emotional development (182. 0%) in normal of fuel per gallon from 2005 to 2011, travelers are as often as possible requesting gear and administrations added to lodges. Can the continually expanded expense be secured by Southwest carrier? Nonetheless, as indicated by the Flight Global Data Research Team (2013 Top 1 0: The Americas): Southwest Airline accomplished number one (133. 2 Passengers for each mile) of measure of deals in 2013 (Manuel A. H. What's more, Steven N. W. 2013). Besides, International Air Transportation Association (DATA) distributed the most up to date rank In 2014: Southwest carrier conveyed 115. 323 thousand travelers to e the hero also. These techniques help themselves getting more serious than Lorene organizations and effective. Into the future, and this ascent will put an ever more noteworthy strain on Southwest’s effectively exhausted edges. In the event that oil costs are managed with conviction, at that point Southwest is an incredible venture; however up to that point, Southwest is Just too powerless against even think about oiling costs. Key point 2 An exact cost can bolster an organization to build their benefit. As of late aircraft, organizations like to follow the dynamic value framework to coordinate the requests f clients, in this way carrier organizations characterize the most costly plane ticket on Friday night and the least expensive on Tuesday morning due to â€Å"Travel scheme† which is decide to go on ends of the week at that point return on Sunday or Monday, respect this issue, aircrafts confronted the issue: go betweens sell Open-Jaw tickets on ends of the week and purchase Open-Jaw tickets on Tuesday. Open-Jaw ticket is â€Å"Return ticket† can be utilized in whenever and isolated in two single passes to offer to two clients. These tickets colossally declined the income when less expensive ticket was utilized in the pinnacle time frame ND clients could purchase another ticket in different aircrafts too, it produce the love: the Revenue, Coverage, Loading and Reputation. (Tim H. 2011). At the point when others aircraft were utilized to follow dynamic value framework, American Airline (AAA) declared â€Å"Saturday night remain over restriction† to against this hazard. The limitation points the difficult that is brought about by open-Jaw ticket on ends of the week (Tim H. 2011 IPPP). By utilizing the techniques, AAA can procure reward as much as $500 million every year from backtalk. Regardless of choice is chosen by travelers, The most significant impacts in unique value segregation emerge not from an endeavor o remove more cash from the shopper, yet from tending to inadequate markets, and specifically from the worth and expenses of advance contracting. Key point 3 In the inverse, specialists represented that the ticket cost ought to be packaged with request, because of the cost is chosen by customers’ request (Diego E. 2013). In this manner, carrier organizations frequently need to think about the need among cost and stacking in various planning. To be increasingly exact, in some cases the hilter kilter cost may be brought about by lower pace of stacking (Manuel A. H. Also, Steven N. W. 2013). As a potato of reality, the lower request shows the pass cost can't be expanded even in blast season; this is the motivation behind why a few masters suggest finding the requests first and next characterizing cost. Nonetheless, the Price needs to react the fixed expense, henceforth carriers need to think expanding benefit with Demand and Cost (Diego E. 2013). All things considered if the enormity of seats were discharged to sold in the day close to the flight date, it is conceivable the high-hazard will be confronted is enormous measure of void seat (Diego E. 013). End To summarize, this paper has indicated that there are away from of utilizing evaluating catastrophe in the aircraft business of North America. As referenced in my subsequent lessening costs; besides the instance of Southwest carrier proofs it in various drew nearer, and t he minimal effort procedures help them to turn into the most mainstream aircraft in north America in 2013-14. All things considered, in the fourth passage, it shows the centrality of characterizing cost with skim framework by heritage carrier organizations, in light of the fact that the diverse planning reflects distinctive expense and factors. The most effective method to refer to Mr. Yang, Papers

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How Long-Term Marijuana Use Affects Memory

How Long-Term Marijuana Use Affects Memory Addiction Drug Use Marijuana Print How Long-Term Marijuana Use Affects Memory By Buddy T facebook twitter Buddy T is an anonymous writer and founding member of the Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee with decades of experience writing about alcoholism. Learn about our editorial policy Buddy T Updated on June 25, 2019 Nastasic / Getty Images More in Addiction Drug Use Marijuana Cocaine Heroin Meth Ecstasy/MDMA Hallucinogens Opioids Prescription Medications Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Nicotine Use Coping and Recovery Long-term marijuana use causes memory, the speed of thinking and other cognitive abilities to get worse over time, but cognitive abilities are also affected in short-term pot smokers who use marijuana frequently. Researchers studying heavy marijuana users (four or more joints per week) in Greece found that frequent marijuana users performed worse than non-users on a test of cognitive abilities. Those who had smoked for more than 10 years had more problems with their thinking abilities than those who had used for five to 10 years. We found that the longer people used marijuana, the more deterioration they had in these cognitive abilities, especially in the ability to learn and remember new information, said study author Lambros Messinis, Ph.D., of the Department of Neurology of the University Hospital of Patras in Patras, Greece. In several areas, their abilities were significant enough to be considered impaired, with more impairment in longer-term users than shorter-term users. Cognitive Abilities Slowed The researchers made the following observations: Compared to non-smokers, marijuana users performed worse in recall, recognition and executive functions of the brain.?In making decisions, long-term users showed a 70 percent impaired performance, compared to 55 percent for short-term users and eight percent for non-users.In a test to remember a list of words that were read to them earlier, non-users remembered 12 of the 15 words, short-term users remember an average of nine words, and long-term users remembered an average of seven.Frequent smokers performed worse on tests of cognitive abilities, including divided attention (ability to pay attention to more than one stimulus at a time) and verbal fluency (number of words generated within a time limit). Participants Had to Abstain The study involved people ages 17 to 49 in a drug abuse treatment program in Athens, Greece. Twenty were long-term users, 20 shorter-term users and 24 control subjects who had used marijuana at least once, but not more than 20 times and not in the past two years. Those who had used any other drugs, such as cocaine or stimulants, during the past year or for more than three months throughout their lives, were not included in the study. Before the tests were performed, all participants had to abstain from marijuana for at least 24 hours, according to the researchers.

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The Issue Of Child Marriage - 938 Words

Poverty is cyclical and the best indicator if a child will end up in poverty is if her parents live in poverty. One common practices among families with girls living in poverty is child marriages. It has been found that poverty is the main driver of child marriage and traps girls and their families in a cycle of poverty (Poverty Girls). The practice of child marriage is more common in families who are already in poverty and perpetuates the cycle. In recent years, child marriage has gained increasing prominence on international and national development agendas. The issue of child marriage has been heavily criticized in India because of its continued practice after appropriate legislation has been passed against it. Child marriage has always been a common practice in India and has continued to flourish because of deep rooted social and cultural customs, illiteracy, poverty, inadequate education opportunities, inferior status of women in society, and poor law enforcement (Bhanderi). Eve n though child marriage is a violation of ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ and ‘Rights of a child,’ deemed by the United Nations, it is still a common practice globally, and specifically in India (The Universal Declaration). It is our ethical duty as individuals and as citizens of the world to end child marriages by empowering girls, providing services, and by establishing and implementing laws and policies. By doing so, we not only are investing in our girls, but also investing andShow MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Child Marriage1637 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction In the United States, marriage is seen as a sacred and consensual institution, but in developing countries, many children are introduced to marriage in a different manner. According to the United Nations Population Fund, one girl in every three is married before the age of eighteen in developing countries (Child Marriage, 1). Are the measures previously taken by the International Law community that attempt to put and end to child marriages an effective measure to stop this violationRead MoreThe Issue Of Child Marriage Essay1266 Words   |  6 PagesChild marriage is one of the hardest things a teenage child could face. It is basically a violation of children’s human rights. It is strictly prohibited by international law. Early marriage takes away the girls right to make important decisions about their sexual health and well being. Historically, patriarchal societies have marginalized women in various aspects across the world. Women disenfranchisement, in this way, is not a n ew phenomenon. However, with the passage of time women have been ableRead MoreThe Issue Of Child Marriage843 Words   |  4 PagesFor generations, there has been a global issue called child marriage when children under 18 years old are forced to get married. In this custom, girls have no choice but to follow the arrangement of their families and people in the communities to marry somebody that they do not want to, leading to many other social problems. Unfortunately, child marriage is still considered legal and accepted in many regions, making it harder than ever to be removed. Therefore, on behalf of every individual againstRead MoreThe Issue Of Child Marriage2721 Words   |  11 PagesPractice and customs surrounding marriage, such as preferable age and selection of spouse differ from society to society, according to understandings, structures and patterns of lives of families in each society. Marriage is a basic human right which is legally defined by a set of stipulations. The existence of a minimum age for marriage is one of those conditions. Afghanistan is in the top of 49 countries for bride under age marriages. 70 to 80 % of the marriage in this country is either beforeRead MoreChild Marriage Is A Global Issue1609 Words   |  7 PagesChild Brides are young girls married before the age of 18 years old. As of today, 1 in 3 girls are being married off in many developing countries.( That is, 15 million girls under the age of 18, that are being deprived of an education, robbed of their innocence and childhood, are having their life jeopardized by health issues related to child marriage. Child marriage is a global issue, negatively affecting and violating the human rights of many young girls being married beforeRead MoreChild Marriages: A human rights issue2995 Words   |  12 Pageslaying on a woven mat swearing suffering, terribly begging God to protect their newborns. These children won’t be found in any official registers, nor will they ever posses any identification cards. Age is therefore determined by seasons, deaths, marriages, and moves. Within the household the power of decision goes to man of the house. The best way to understand the life of young girl in these desolate countries is by stepping in their shoes. In 2008, such a young girl welcomed the world into her homeRead MoreStruggle for Children’s Rights987 Words   |  4 Pagesof a 10-year-old wife - who was suffering from child marriage (Worth, â€Å"Voices Child Marriage Yemen†). Child marriage is a terrible scenario for children, especially for little girls. They are forced to marry, before they are mature enough due to social norms, traditions and their family members, whom they are depending on. According to statistics in 2013, in Bangladesh, the child marriage prevalence under the age of 18 is 66%. 240 among 100,000 child wives died, when they gave birth. In Niger, thisRead MorePersuasive Essay About Overpopulation1455 Words   |  6 PagesOverpopulation issue and ways to help solve it The big question is whether humanity is getting too big and, in the process, endangering the wellbeing of people, and our planet. Overpopulation is a real thing it’s happening right now in some parts of the world. Delay marriage, ending child marriages, and women empowerment might not seem like a lot, but it actually is. All these things can help the overpopulation problem we are facing today in certain parts of the world and in the future. If we allRead MoreFamily Law Is An Area That Concern About Legal Issues Involving1283 Words   |  6 Pages Family law is an area that concern about legal issues involving family relationships, such as marriage, divorce, adoption and child custody. Every country has its own family law and its typically influences by the issue, culture and religion in that country. In Malaysia, family law is divided into two categories; Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) and the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce). Malaysia is an Islamic country. Hence, this family law distinguishes between Muslims and non-MuslimsRead MoreChild Marriage Should Not Solve Our Problems With The Same Thinking Essay1549 Words   |  7 Pagesworld, marriage is viewed as a minute of delight and festival however the act of early marriage gives no such foundation for festival. Child marriage characterized as formal relational unions or standard and legal unions perceived as marriage before the age of 18. Marriage is similar to a school; a college with guidelines and laws. In what capacity would we be able to anticipate that a y oung girl will manufacture a crew? In what capacity can a girl be a mother of another kid? Child marriage is a gigantic

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A Discussion About The Trajectory Of Economic Cooperation

In a discussion about the trajectory of economic cooperation, the default prediction may be that we will see the international community move toward economic cooperation because it facilitates freer trade, which benefits all. After all, the theory of comparative advantage tells us that nations will achieve greater economic growth by directing factors of production toward abundant resource industries and trading with other nations for goods derived from resources scarce to them, and this trade requires cooperation to arrange and regulate. However, the global political economy presents complexities and nuances that challenge this generalization. Many of the determining factors of the movement, or lack thereof, toward economic openness†¦show more content†¦Both of these steps focus on trade negotiations and the facilitation of free trade through the lowering of tariffs and resolution of trade disputes. (citation?) Factors leading toward or against free trade must also lead toward or against economic cooperation. Of prime importance is the public support, or lack thereof, of a state’s expansion of trade with others. Within nations, those who gain from trade expansion will favor it, while those who lose will favor protectionism. Therefore, individuals in either group form political alignments that go on to affect a state’s engagement or disengagement in economic cooperation. One way of examining the winners and losers of free trade is through the Stolper-Samuelson theorem. Wolfgang F. Stolper and Paul A. Samuelson explain that owners of abundant factors benefit from free trade while owners of scarce factors lose. This owes to the principle of comparative advantage, whereby, when trade expands, national markets transfer land, labor, and capital toward those industries relying on abundant factors, which produce commodities more efficiently. These industries become export industries. Conversely, those industries relying on scarce factors will lose land, labor, and capital in favor of purchase of these goods abroad, where factors are more abundant (Stolper and Samuelson). Thus, these

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Top Phd Creative Writing Guide!

Top Phd Creative Writing Guide! The Fundamentals of Phd Creative Writing Revealed The returns that could be gained by means of a story writing contest aren't entirely financial. Short story awards truly don't contend with one another, either. St George and the Dragon appears to have appeared in plenty of guises all around the world and all the way during the ancient past. Creative writing students will finish a creative dissertation and analytical essay in order to complete their degree. They learn how to probe the secrets of human motivation and create real characters that can cause suspense and conflict. The student will get acquainted with the most important elements of psychoanalytic criticism, Marxism and feminism and inspect the significance of structuralism and post-structuralism. While our students generally concentrate on a specific genre, many of them experiment in a number of genres, wanting to borrow tools from different forms that prove useful to their principal work. In any case, great writers are really really tough to find out in the actual worldCreativity is a really marketable skill. After all, the 2 experiences aren't entirely identical and we are still quite capable of distinguishing them. If you recognize somewhere you want to live and write, that's a great place to begin. Try to remember that setting influences style, so select a location that suits your style. The Hidden Gem of Phd Creative Writing There's, obviously, a limit on the range of pages even our finest writers can produce with a pressing deadline, but generally, we figure out how to satisfy all the clients seeking urgent assistance. To start with, you will be contending alongside different writers, and certain contestants are extremely competent. As a consequence, it is easy to multiply your opportunities for a cash prize. Lots of people win writing awards and put on a large hard cash income, every year. If you would like to get the very best result for your thesis, you should be flexible in your work. Translated work isn't going to be accepted. It's extremely important to read carefully essay services reviews, because you would like to avoid low superior services. At Birmingham you also have the choice of studying languages, at no cost. Simply take the opportunity to produce a decision you'll be able to live with for the the next couple of years and beyond. As a conclusion, our group of skilled experts also provides a last verdict which will help you make a well-informed choice. 1 reason may be teaching opportunities. Pursuit of a PhD to provide you more time to delay the work market is also a poor idea. Classes could incorporate the next topics. All students are also required to finish a dissertation. Most certainly you'll locate a school that is right for you. Some schools may make it possible for you to apply with just a bachelor's degree. You might also work as a literacy tutor for kids. There are times that you don't wish to recognize each speaker. The result is again to bury the actual topic sentence a couple of sentences deep in the paragraph. There are 30 doctoral programs that provide a PhD in Creative Writing in the United States of america. You have to submit a writing sample as a crucial element of your application. Microsoft is trying to compete with Adobe in developing a new standard. There are many e-book compilers, many free, that may be used to make a little exe file of your report. The issue is that pdf file creators are quite pricey. Other admissions requirements will be different based on the institution, but a minimum GPA and GRE scores are very likely to be required. More information concerning the graduate program are found by contacting the Department of English or visiting their site. Learn the length of time the program was established. Graduate Certificate Creative Writing programs may be a fantastic way to rapidly build your creative writing abilities and knowledge.

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The novel free essay sample

The novel is really a story of Robert Peck’s growing up. The conflict, therefore, is not so much of good vs. bad or man vs. man; instead, it is a tale of a boy’s coming into age and maturing into an early manhood. Protagonist Robert Peck, the young Shaker boy who is twelve and thirteen during the novel, is the protagonist. He must face several problems, each of which helps him to grow up. Antagonist Robert’s antagonist is life with its many challenges and accepting the responsibility it imposes. During the novel, he has several conflicts, including saving Apron (Mr. Tanner’s cow), having to kill Pinky (his pet pig), having to accept his father’s early death, and taking over the management of the farm. Climax There are several mini-climaxes in the book when Robert proves that he is accepting responsibility and growing up, such as the time when he risks his own life to save Apron and when he accepts that Pinky must be killed. We will write a custom essay sample on The novel or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The real climax occurs, however, when he finds his father dead in the barn and immediately assumes full responsibility of making the funeral arrangements and managing the farm. His Shaker father has prepared Robert well for manhood, which is thrust early on to the thirteen year old boy. Outcome The plot ends as a tragic comedy. Robert proves that he can accept the responsibilities of manhood, and the reader realizes that at the young of age thirteen, he will be able to support the family and run the farm. Two tragic events help him grow up. The first is accepting the fact that Pinky, his pet, must be killed since she is barren and is needed as food for the family; Robert bravely helps his father stab the pig although it almost breaks his heart. The second event is accepting that his father is dying and then actually finding him dead in the barn; in spite of his great grief over the loss, Robert quickly accepts the responsibility of making the funeral arrangements and managing the farm. SHORT PLOT / CHAPTER SUMMARY (Synopsis) Robert, a twelve-year-old Shaker boy, leaves school without permission, in order to avoid a fight, because he is being teased on the playground for his strange clothes and strange ways. Not wanting to go home and get in trouble for cutting classes, he goes out into the field above his house. There he finds Apron, Mr. Tanner’s prize calf, in pain and misery as she tries to give birth to a calf. Since Robert is a kind and helpful farm boy, he assists Apron in delivering the calf. When she begins to choke, he also reaches his arm into Apron’s mouth and pulls out a goiter from her throat. In the process, Robert is hurt and knocked unconscious. Mr. Tanner arrives in the field and finds Robert. He picks him up and carries him home to the Peck farm, where his mother and father come to his aid. His mother cleans his wound and puts stitches in his arm, and his father carries him up to his bedroom. All the while, Robert is worried about the fact that he has skipped school and tries to explain to his parents. After Robert is healed, Mr. Tanner comes to the Peck farm with a baby piglet. It is a present for young Robert to say thanks for saving the cow and calf. Mr. Peck, a strict Shaker father, will not allow Robert to take the pig, for the Shaker way is not to accept rewards for being neighborly. As a result, Mr. Tanner insists that Robert keep the piglet as a birthday present. Mr. Peck permits his son to accept the birthday gift. Robert is delighted, for the piglet is the first thing he has ever owned. Shakers do not believe in any kind of frill; therefore, Robert has never had a toy or a bicycle. Robert, with his father’s help, builds a pen for his pig that he names Pinky. He then begins to care for the animal like a pet. He plays with her, takes her for walks, bathes her, and brings her special treats to eat. He also protects her when she is scared and talks to her as if she were human. Pinky flourishes under Robert’s care; she grows rapidly and in ten weeks is as big s the boy, largely because Robert feeds her so well. He even keeps a record of what she eats, for he wants her to become a large and healthy brood sow. Robert looks forward to June and summer vacation. It will give him more time to spend with Pinky and to enjoy himself. On the last of school, he comes home to find that Aunt Matty is visiting; she is a good friend of his mother from Learning and used to be an English teacher. When she finds out that Robert has received a D in English on his final report card of the year, she is horrified and insists upon tutoring him. When she quizzes him on grammar, Robert cannot answer a single question. As a result, she tries to show him how to diagram a sentence, a task that has no meaning to the boy. Totally frustrated with his efforts, Aunt Matty tells Mrs. Peck it would be easier to teach the pig. During the summer, Mr. Tanner asks Robert to go with him to the Rutland Fair to help with showing his calves. He also tells the boy he can take Pinky along to show her. Robert can hardly believe his good fortune, for he has never been out of the vicinity of Learning, Vermont in his life. At the fair, Robert is amazed by everything he sees and hears. He believes that Rutland must be as big as London, England and that the camera flashes he sees must be as bright as the bombs in the war. He is especially proud when he is introduced in the show ring as Mr. Robert Peck. He is equally embarrassed when he throws up on the judge’s foot. In spite of everything, Pinky wins a blue ribb the best-behaved pig. Back on the farm, Robert is eager for Pinky to prove her worth as a brood sow. Even though she is brer. Tanner’s prize bull, Samson, she does not bear a litter. Since Pinky eats too much to keep as a pet, Robert knows that she must be slaughtered for food. The thought is almost more than the boy can bear. He has equal difficulty accepting the fact that his father is very sick. Mr. Peck tells his son that it will probably be his last winter on earth, for he is failing fast. He explains to Robert that as the only male on the farm, he must assume all the responsibility, a big task for a boy who has not yet turned twelve. Robert promises he will do his best. As winter approaches, Mr. Peck tries to kill a deer to have provisions in the storehouse for the winter. When he is not successful, he knows it is time to slaughter Pinky. One morning he tells Robert that they must get the task behind them. The boy has to listen as Mr. Peck cracks Pinky’s skull and hold her down as his father slits her throat. Robert tells his pa that his heart is broken; the stern Mr. Peck admits that his is broken as well. When Robert sees his father shed a tear for the first time, he forgives him for killing Pinky. Although Mr. Peck lives through the winter, he dies in early May. Robert simply finds him one morning on his straw bed in the barn. After telling Mrs. Peck and Aunt Carrie that Papa will not be coming in for breakfast ever again, the boy goes into town to bring Mr. Wilcox, the Shaker undertaker. Robert then goes about informing the neighbors, digging a grave, and preparing a eulogy. In the way that he handles the funeral arrangements, it is clear that this thirteen-year-old Shaker lad has prematurely become a man.